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Drinking Water to Promote Weight Loss

According to the Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine, healthy women should ingest about 11 cups (91 oz.) of water, whereas healthy men should around 15 cups (125 oz.) of water a day, from all food and beverages. Your daily intake of water is affected by age, weight, activity level, and environmental factors such as altitude. With just drinking two cups of water before you consume all of your three meals, you can lose the weight and keep it off.

It's best to consume the bulk of your water away from foods. 30 minutes before and after a meal is ideal. Separating the two will aid digestion by keeping the stomach acid concentrated and at the right pH level to function efficiently. 

  • 70% of the human body content is water, so water plays a vital role in the proper functioning of your body.
  • The human brain cells contain about 85% of water.
  • 75% of muscles is water
  • Bones contain about 25% water
  • 82% of blood consists of water.

It is also helpful to consume foods that contain lots of water; for example soups (broth-based), vegetables and fruits.

Benefits of Drinking Water in the Morning.

A good way to purify your internal system is by drinking water as soon as you get up, i.e. before eating anything. One of the most important results of undergoing this treatment is colon cleansing, which enables better absorption of nutrients from various foods. When there is production of haematopoiesis, better known as “new blood”, you will have immense body restorative effects and you can even be cured of existing ailments. Drinking water the first thing in the morning has the following benefits:

1. Make your skin glow. Water is known to purge toxins from your blood, and as a result you get glowing skin.

2. Renew cells. Drinking water first thing in the morning increases the rate at which new muscle and blood cells are produced.

3. Balance the lymph system. When you drink water first thing in the morning on a daily basis, you help balance your body’s lymph system. Lymph glands found in your lymph system fight infections helping you to perform your daily activities. They also balance the fluids in your body.

4. Lose weight. When you consume about 16 ounces of water (chilled), you will boost your body’s metabolism by abut 24% thus help you lose those extra pounds.

5. Purify the colon. When you drink water after you have woken up before eating anything, you are purifying your colon thereby making nutrients absorption easy.

6. Cures illnesses and diseases. Drinking water first thing in the morning has been proven to cure illnesses such as vomiting, throat disease, menstrual and cancer disorders, eye diseases, diarrhea, urine disease, kidney disease, meningitis, TB, Arthritis, headaches among others.

What Are the Dangers of Not Drinking Enough Water?

There are some biological signs of thirst that your body displays which can be mistaken for being symptoms and signs of other conditions. If the root cause of these signs and symptoms is dehydration, you can avoid unnecessary and costly medical interventions by rehydrating your body.

 Human beings seem to lose their sensation of thirst and the important need for water. Also not recognizing the need for water, humans gradually become chronically and increasingly dehydrated as they age.

It is important to make sure the water we are drinking is clean and fresh.



How to drink Water in the Morning for Best Results
  • Drink 1.5 liters (5/6 glasses) of water immediately after waking up.
  • Avoid drinking or eating anything else for an hour before and after drinking the water.
  • Do not drink beverages that contain alcohol the previous night.

At first, you may have a hard time drinking 6 glasses of water at a go. However, it becomes easier as your body gradually becomes accustomed to the routine. When starting, you can slightly modify the routine as follows; consume 2 glasses of water, pause for about 2 minutes, then drink the remaining 4 glasses of water.

How to Drink Water in the Morning to Cure Diseases Treatment Method

Findings from a Japanese medical society have discovered that water therapy can be used to treat various conditions completely. Research has also shown that those conditions can also be cured rapidly without using medical intervention or treatments. However, the effects this therapy will have on your body will also depend on the kind of water you drink. This means that you should ensure that the water you consume is clean.

  • The moment you wake up, before you even brush your teeth, take 4 glasses of water (160ml).
  • Clean/brush your teeth soon and don’t eat or drink anything.
  • After 45 minutes, you can take your breakfast.
  • After breakfast, take 2 hours before you drink or eat anything.
  • For people who are ill or old, taking 4 glasses of water at a go may prove difficult. Therefore, take water in small amounts until it adds up to 4 glasses daily.


Drink Water Every Two Hours

Spacing out your water consumption throughout the day will ensure that your body is replenished and gets rid of excess water weight. If you only consume water when you are thirsty then your body will be depleted of necessary fluids and retain the water weight. A rule of thumb of how much water you need is based on the color of your urine. If you have dark yellow-colored urine it is a strong indication that you need more fluids in your body. For healthy, light-colored urine, it is important to drink a glass of water when you wake up in the morning and then every two hours. Even after you use the restroom, drink another glass of water so that your body is plenty replenished.

Opt For Green Iced Tea

Green tea is known to be rich in its antioxidants and flavonoids which can boost your metabolism while you get your water intake. For an easy summertime drink, prepare hot tea with boiled water as usual and then pour the hot tea water over a glass of ice. Refrain from adding any sweeteners to your iced tea as it can interfere with your overall health and weight loss goal.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling, also commonly known as carbonated water is an alternative to plain water for those who wish to satisfy their soda cravings without consuming in the high-sugar carbonated beverage. If you are on a low-sodium diet and would like to try sparkling water, it is important to take notice of the sodium content in your drink, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Drinking sparkling water may worsen the condition of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) due to the release of CO2 that can often cause bloating and gas. If you have IBS, it is best to stick to plain water.

Produce In Water

The addition of fruit and veggies to your water can add a lot of flavor. Fruit-infused water or agua fresca involves adding lemon, limes, grapefruit, oranges, raspberries, or even watermelon to a pitcher of water in the fridge to give it a zesty flavor. It is important to let the water and fruits simmer for an extended period of time before you consume water. Wilhelm believes the best alternatives to flavored water are slices of fresh fruits or vegetables.

Eat Your Water

Fruits that contain a high percentage of water should be consumed to increase your water intake. Watermelon is made up of 92 percent water and approximately 6 percent sugar.  Other fruits that have high water intake include strawberries, grapefruit, and cantaloupe.

Water in Soup

Aside from consuming fruits, hot and cold soups can help boost your water consumption.

"Incorporate chilled soups such as melon soups, gazpacho as well as hot soups including vegetable, broths, minestrone, lentil and more. "Aim for low sodium soups!"

An alternative to consuming soup through biting veggies is to have pureed soups that blend all the ingredients together. Take cooked vegetables, put them in a blender with the broth and you have pureed soup.